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Ben Holmes

  • Web dev
  • UX freak
  • Blogger
  • Charcoal fan
More about me

I first got into software development not through algorithms, not unit testing, not objected-oriented principles... none of the hirable buzzwords. Back in high school, I was wrestling with Java concepts because I love making shiny pixels move around on a screen.

Back then, it was in the pursuit of inefficient, spaghetti-coded video games. Now, I've channeled a love for graphics into web development and design. I spent most of my time at Georgia Tech figuring out the sexiest frameworks to use, the most impactful way to apply my novice knowledge, and how to teach others at a beginner's level. I'm just entering the working world as an adult-in-denial, so I hope my lessons learned along the way end up helping you!

Sorry! I'm currently employed at Peloton, so I'm not looking for a job right now.

Still, here's all my skills / buzzwords you were going to search for: NodeJS, ES6, ReactJS, JAMStack, NextJS, semantic HTML, understanding of a11y, Angular 2+, SvelteJS, SCSS, NoSQL, OOP programming, C Basic, unit testing w/ Jest... Okay I'm getting tired typing.

Just take my resume

I teach.

In brief...

  • Learning web dev is confusing / ever-changing and I want to help
  • Top 500 author on DEV (thx readers!)
  • Built a fullstack bootcamp with online resources + in-person workshops

I blog a lot.

Building serverless applications with Fauna + GraphQL

Large coffee cup17 minBuilding serverless applications with Fauna + GraphQLMedium coffee cup8 min4 Conference talks that changed my perspective as a web devMedium coffee cup9 minA shiny-on-hover effect that follows your mouse (CSS) ✨Medium coffee cup9 minBuilding a sexy, mobile-ready navbar in any web frameworkMedium coffee cup8 minBefore building your next static site with React, consider this
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I led a bootcamp.

I asked around the dev community to understand how people learn best, and I found a variety of approaches from written documentation to recorded code-alongs. So, I tried to make a bootcamp that was the best of all worlds, incorporating video activites, written code samples, and in-person workshops to create one mega resource for becoming a MERN stack sorcerer 🔮

We've been teaching this material at the Bits of Good student org for 2 semesters now, so we've had a lot of time to work out the kinks. Click through to find our videos, resources, and project templates 100% free! A huge thanks to Andre Hijouay for creating the incredible v1 of the bootcamp, Max Karpawich for our lovely backend materials, and James Wang for contributing + teaching 😁

I create.

In brief...

  • Full-time frontend dev at Peloton
  • Framework-agnostic web developer, currently hyped for SvelteJS
  • Social good advocate: former Bits of Good Director of Engineering, Impact Labs contributor

Bits of Good Homepage

This was my first experience with rebuilding a brand from the ground up. We spend months in the design and user discovery phase to decide on the best logo, fonts, colors, and general "feel" of the website. A year later, we've built everything from a reimagined splash page to in-depth journey maps for all of our nonprofit projects. Oh, and it's built on the incredible Svelte + Sapper JS framework!